• How do I use Syringe?
Draw up and administer the medication in accordance with established protocol. After pull out the needle from the patient, continue pushing plunger rod to activate the safety mechanism, the plunger rod will be disabled and the needle is retracted and contained into the barrel automatically, preventing health-care workers from injuries of needlestick. Dispose the used syringe in compliance with the institutional policy.

  • Does Syringe reusable?
No. Once the safety mechanism is activated, the plunger rod breaks up and the needle is contained inside the barrel, the syringe is disabled.
  • Is Syringe latex free?
Yes. All our syringes contain no natural latex.
  • Does the Syringe require extra training for use?
No. Just administer the medication like what you do with conventional syringe, and pushing the plunger  rod continuously to activate the safety mechanism after the needle is removed from the patient body.
  • Does the retraction process cause any blood splattering, tissue damage or additional discomfort?
No. While the needle is pulled out from the patient body, the sterilized cotton ball will remove trace blood on the needle surface, thus no blood splattering would happen. As Syringe needle is retracted outside the patient body, it won’t cause patient’s tissue damage or discomfort.

  • Does Syringe one hand operable?
Yes. Syringe is designed to operate by one hand throughout the whole administration process, either right hand or left hand.

  • Can I change or remove the needle on the Syringe?
No. The needle is fixed. This can prevent healthcare workers from needlestick injury while changing or removing needle.
  • Does Syringe meet OSHA requirements for sharps disposal?
Yes. All of used syringes can be disposed easily and safely.
  • Does Syringe meet German TRBA 250 mandates?
Yes. All of used syringes meet the criteria of one-handed activation, no change in technique and no re-use.
  • Usually I like to check the movement of the plunger upon opening the syringe pack, will this movement activate the retracting mechanism?
No. A barrier near the plunger rod end will limit the movement as you depress the plunger rod to the bottom of barrel. However, it can be activated if one keeps pushing the plunger rod while it touches the needle hub.
  • Does it possible that the retraction mechanism of Syringe activates prematurely as it may happen with some other auto-retractable syringes?
No, it won’t happen! The activation of safety mechanism is controlled by the user, it requires a pressing force exceeds the predetermined threshold (force to break up the collapsible plunger rod), and is activated only after the medication is completely delivered from the syringe.