About Syringe
What is Syringe?
Syringe is a state-of-the-art safety syringe features with retractable needle, collapsible plunger rod and user-activated safety mechanism designed to protect health-care workers from needlestick injuries and prevent cross-infection by re-using the syringe.
Syringe, compared to conventional plastic disposable syringe, is an important technological leap. Syringe overcomes following challenges through a proprietary design:
  1. Reliable, needle retraction is user-activated with one single hand after drug is fully delivered;
  2. Sharp safety, thus needlestick can be prevented;
  3. Easy to use, minimum changes on administration protocol;
  4. Low cost thanks to automated mass production.
Why Syringe?
Because Syringe is safer to users and patients thanks to its engineered sharp safety mechanism. Furthermore, it looks, feels and uses like those conventional syringes.

Syringe is a syringe designed with user-activated needle auto-retraction, needle containment and plunger rod destruction mechanisms, yet one-hand operable. Upon completion of medication, needle retraction and containment, plunger rod disable can be achieved simultaneously by a pressing on the plunger rod end, thus render disposal of used syringe easily.

Syringe is FDA cleared, it meets U.N. Objectives on Safety Injections (WHO-UNICEF-UNFPA joint policy statement for mass immunization campaigns, WHO/V&B/99.25), U.S. Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (HR 5178), OSHA Directives (1/18/2001), and German TRBA 250 mandates of one-handed activation, no change in technique and no re-use.

What are Key Components of Syringe?
Syringe is a single-action, multiple-function safety syringe. It features with needle auto-retractable (needlestick prevention), plunger rod auto-disabled (syringe reuse prevention) and one-hand operable that meet the criteria recommended by W.H.O. and mandates of German TRBA 250 as well. Bear in mind of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to facilitate mass production, its unique yet simple design enables automated mass production to minimize cost. Comparing to conventional plastic syringe made of 6 components, Syringe needs only 2 more parts, i.e. O-ring and spring.