Product Development
Since the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act endorsed in 2000, healthcare industry has been looking for easy-to-use, functional reliable safety syringes at affordable cost. This demand has however not been satisfactory met yet despite variety safety syringe designs have been proposed, prototyped or commercialized. The major obstacle of adopting state-of-the-art safety syringes is its high cost and the concern of functional reliability.
Besides the factors such as syringe integrity, functional reliability, designing a safety syringe shall take user’s preferences into consideration. We are of the opinion that a good safety syringe shall at least meet following criteria:
  • One-hand operable throughout whole administration process;
  • The sharp needle is retracted and contained automatically;
  • User has the control over the activation of needle retraction;
  • Ensure no premature activation of safety mechanism;
  • The syringe is disabled to prevent from reusing it;
  • Minimum change on the established administration protocol;
  • Last but not least, able to mass production at reasonable cost.
Question remain is how to best balance among aforementioned criteria? We, MedicalChain International Corp., have an answer. syringes are developed based on a patented technological platform that offering following advantages:
  • A retractable needle hub to enable needle being locked inside the barrel after usage, thus safeguard user from needlestick injuries;
  • A dual function collapsible plunger rod act as trigger of the retraction mechanism, and disable the syringe to prevent reuse of it;
  • A user activated safety system to ensure no premature needle retraction before medication is completed;
  • Engineered safety ensures all safety features are fully integrated to ensure its functionality, easy-to-use and convenient disposal;
  • Existing administration protocol can be employed, just pushing on the plunger rod to activate the safety mechanism after the needle is removed from the patient body.
The integration of one handed, user-activated automatic needle retraction and containment inside the barrel, with simultaneous plunger rod disabled differentiate syringes from other safety syringes.